Unmasking Our Masque

masque1How many hair products lurk in your cabinets and shower shelves? Most of us are guilty of buying and trying lots of brands, then tiring of the products before they’re half used. Many of these products are pricey and boast impressive ingredient lists…. so what sets MONAT apart?

Our patent-pending formula of naturally based ingredients seeps hair in incredible moisture, reducing dry and brittle texture to deliver new life and hydration to every strand. Powerful active botanicals and bio-functional catalase serve as UV protectors and prevent thinning while free radical neutralizers keep hair looking and feeling naturally healthy. In addition, our exclusive blend of vitamins and minerals combat oxidative stress along with proactive amino acids to repair and replace essential nutrients that actually help hair to grow longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking hair in just 90 days – guaranteed!

That’s why there’s nothing like MONAT currently found on drugstore or salon shelves – or anywhere else! After years of intensive research and development, MONAT combined these ingredients to create hair products clinically proven to deliver every bit of their restorative, luster-inducing and manageability promises.

Our Replenish Masque, which is one of my very favorite Monat products is infused with our proprietary Rejuveniqe Oil (with a special blend of 11 oils from around the world).   It is rich, creamy deliciousness for thirsty, moisture starved, dry, brittle hair!

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