A Successful Event!

winery eventCan you say AWWWWWW-MMMAZING? Our MONAT business opportunity event on Tuesday nght that I did my first video post about a few days ago, was A HIT! To say it was SO MUCH FUN is an understatement.  It was at The Winery in Tustin, California and Holy Moly so many great people were there.

We had a blast meeting everybody! There were people who drove several hours to be there. That’s the kind of excitement that MONAT is drawing here in California right now!

Needless to say I’m even more thrilled about Monat after meeting Stuart MacMillan, MONAT’s President! What a genuinely nice, caring, down-to-earth person he is. He’s been with two other hugely successful Network Marketing Companies and helped them become billion dollar companies so I know we are in good hands.

Our company is going places and we are going with them! Sometimes you’re just presented with one of those “right place at the right time” opportunities and I’m glad this is one that I decided to get involved in.

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