Learning and Earning in Orange County

event picWe had our first Regional Business Opportunity Event yesterday in Orange County, California and did we ever have a blast!  We got to meet some new Market Partners that drove in from the Inland Empire area of CA and our Regional Manager, Angela, flew in to give us some STELLAR training on growing our business.

I love the culture of “family” that MONAT encourages among its Market Partners (no matter what team they’re on).  We all see the exciting vision for this company and we all “get it” when it comes to what a spectacular, life-changing business opportunity this is!

California is growing quickly but there’s still LOTS of room for more growth!  But the beautiful thing is that we can help people in other states change their lives as well.  The United States is very much WIDE OPEN opportunity-wise.

Whether it’s a monthly car payment that you need or it’s “quit your job” type income you’re looking for, I can help!

If you know someone who is ready to change their life financially, please give them my contact information.  This continues to get more and more exciting as time goes on!!! In business, timing and momentum is a beautiful and important thing!

Contact Me for questions or more information about MONAT products.

Click Here for information about joining My Team!

Click Here to see Before/After Photos

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