Safe and Gentle for Children

baby-hair-picI see testimonies about our MONAT products almost daily and this very important one that just came in from one of our Market Partners really touched my heart.  Here’s what she has to say:

“We have my husband, myself and six kids using Monat. This is my 3 year-old. The left side is her first use of Monat and the right is after 20 days. The pictures don’t even do it justice! It’s amazing how much of a difference this has made to our family. Also, I have to add because I was bashed by people about wanting my children to be on hair growth products. We did not use this on our children for that purpose. We used it to have a natural, safe product and in turn the benefits were healthy hair/scalp free from chemicals and the bonus of hair growth just came along with that.”

Unfortunately sometimes people don’t really give enough thought to ingredients in the products they use for themselves and their family. Even if your child’s shampoo says “gentle and tear-free” on it, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a safe, natural, harmful chemical-free product (check the ingredients and understand what they are).

It’s important to remember that everything we put on our skin absorbs into our boodstream.  Our scalp is skin.  And it’s skin that’s right next to the brain. We live in a toxic environment anyway (just by breathing the air).  Shouldn’t we do everything we can to try and avoid adding insult to injury by using toxic products?

MONAT products are safe, natural, chemical-free and yes they’re safe for children. Contact Me today if you have questions about our products or Click Here to place an order.

Contact Me for questions or more information about MONAT products.

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