Fun Hair Facts

fun hair factsI ran across some interesting facts about hair that I didn’t know before and I thought it would be fun to share them with you.


1.  Hair is made up of mostly keratin, the same protein found in animals’ horns, hooves, claws, feathers, and beaks?

2.  When wet, a healthy strand of hair can stretch an additional 30% of its original length.

3.  Hair grows slightly faster in warm weather, because heat stimulates circulation and encourages hair growth.

4.  All hair is dead, with the exception of the hair that’s still inside the epidermis of your scalp.

5.  Hair contains information about everything that has ever been in your bloodstream and is one of the most commonly used types of forensic evidence.

6.  The only thing that can’t be identified by your hair is your gender – men’s and women’s hair are identical in structure.

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