Not Just a “Nice Shampoo”

blogpic1What is MONAT Really?

Now that more people are hearing about and experiencing MONAT products, I sometimes get the question, what makes MONAT different than other nice hair product lines?

I love when I hear this question because it gives me the opportunity to explain how and why we really are an innovative and cutting-edge concept!

Sometimes people tell me “I can get really nice shampoos elsewhere” and while I do agree that the marketplace contains LOTS of options (the haircare industry is a $40 billion business after all – AND IT’S GROWING LIKE CRAZY), we are so much more than just a “nice shampoo”.

MONAT is actually a revolutionary “Angi-Aging Hair Treatment System” that repairs and restores hair over a period of time!  It’s NOT a quick fix which is why we recommend that a person uses our products over a minimum 90-day period to get ultimate results.  Our third-party clinical studies have proven that our products improve hair in the following ways:

  • Strengthens the hair anchoring system. This is one of the first improvements many people see after beginning one of our treatment systems.  This means less hair clogging up your shower drain and more hair staying on your head.
  • Promotes New Hair Growth. MONAT was not designed to be a hair-growing system, but what they found is that when hair follicles are cleaned out and nurtured properly (with high-quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.), it brings their hair back to a healthy state and a wonderful side effect of that process is RE-GROWTH!  MONAT is actually healthy food for your hair follicles!
  • Fuller, Healthier, Younger-Looking Hair. Did you know that chemically-treating your hair (coloring, straightening, perming) can cause the hair to thin?  It’s been shown that chemically-treated hair loses three times as much protein in water than natural hair, which contributes to weakness and dryness (and can also inhibit growth).  We aren’t saying to stop coloring your hair but we DO say that MONAT products keep these types of results to a minimum.
  • Gets Rid of Toxin Buildup. Dirt, oil and other environmental factors found in the air and in other hair and beauty products can coat and block the follicles in the scalp (can lead to hair loss).  Our products put your hair through a “detox” period and help get rid of all this so the hair can actually breathe again and the follicles can do their job properly.
  • Reduce Oxidative Stress. Your hair is subjected to stress and trauma from the sun and other environmental pollutants (chlorine from swimming is one example).  Did you know that this ages your hair quicker?  Our products protect your hair from UV and hair cell damage which actually slows down and can reverse the aging process.  When we say we are an anti-aging product line, we really mean it!
  • Moisturizes. For people with dry, brittle, and lifeless hair, MONAT products pump moisture back into even the thirstiest hair which gives hair the strength, vitality and shine that some people haven’t seen in a very long time.

What’s really important is that all this is accomplished in a safe, natural, non-toxic healthy way.  Our products contain NO:

  • Parabens (which are linked to some chronic disorders);
  • Sulfates (which are irritants to skin and scalp)
  • DEA/MEA (can irritate skin and eyes and be linked to chronic disorders)
  • Phthlates (long-term exposure to these can be toxic)
  • PEG (can be linked to chronic disorders)
  • Phenoxyethanol (can irritate eyes and skin)
  • Ethanol (dries hair which causes frizz and damage)
  • Petrochemicals (coats the hair shaft causing it to suffocate and lose moisture)
  • Glutens (can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals)
  • Sodium Chloride (builds up in tissues and causes toxicity)
  • Harsh Salt Systems (causes dryness and dehydration)
  • Harmful Colors (toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders)
  • Harmful Fragrances (can be irritants and linked to chronic disease)

So, yes, I agree that there are lots of nice hair products on the market, now that I’ve been promoting MONAT long enough to see first-hand results (over a period of time) with my own hair as well as with my customers and other market partners, I can confidently say that we do have something unique and very special.

MONAT is an 8-month old company and we are already having million dollar months in sales and are going to be pre-launching into Canada in August (yes we are already beginning our global growth)!  If people were NOT getting these kinds of results with their hair, this type of growth just wouldn’t be happening!!!  So MONAT is on to something pretty incredible here!

I encourage everyone who has something about their hair that they don’t love, to give us a try.  We have a 30-day money back guarantee so we do stand behind our products.

And for you smart, business-minded people, the financial opportunity this company offers those who understand that joining a company when it’s in its first stage of incredible growth and growing with it, this is for YOU!  The FOUNDING MEMBER opportunity door with MONAT is going to close soon! Don’t be that person that looks back and regrets that you didn’t at least ask about MONATASK ME! I have a wonderful team of smart, business-minded people and I’m looking to grow in a few different areas.  Maybe you’re in one of those areas.  LET’S TALK!  Contact Me Today!!!

Contact Me for questions or more information about MONAT products.

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