Time Is Running Out!

founder countdownProfit-Sharing of a tremendously quickly-growing company can add up (understatement of the year)! Do the math, get excited and contact me!  This is what MONAT’s Founding Members get to be a part of.

If you’ve been on the fence about MONAT, it’s time to climb down and get to work changing lives (yours included)!

This window closes next month (September)!! Forever! Done! Never to return. Don’t wait and let something this exciting pass you up. The hair industry is a $40 billion business and projected to be a $59 billion one in the next 3 years!! Profit-Sharing really is a game-changer! Do it for your family. They deserve it.

I am looking to grow my team in a few important spots in the U.S. and Canada! Let’s talk. I want to help 4 people get to Founding Member and be in the Profit-Sharing pool. Are you one of them?  If so, let’s chat.

P.S. All new Canadian Market Partners receive DOUBLE SAMPLES in their starter kits until the end of August!

Contact Me for questions or more information about MONAT products.

Click Here for information about JOINING MY TEAM!

Click Here to see Before/After Photos


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