turn headsOH MY GOSH!!!!!! NEW PRODUCTS, NEW PRODUCTS, NEW PRODUCTS! I was waiting all day yesterday to get to announce our two new STYLING PRODUCTS! We now have a Hair Spray and a Styling Taffy. These are exactly the two things I’ve been wanting MONAT to develop so that we could really round out our product line! And from what I hear, they are BEYOND AMAZING! I just placed my order so I’ll post again after I’ve tried them šŸ™‚

These two products aren’t just “nice extras” but they have the four key ingredients that our other products have so when you’re styling your hair, you’re actually treating your hair. Check out the Clinical Results in the Graphic. DID I SAY “OH MY GOSH”?

AND we have FOUR NEW TREATMENT SYSTEMS! Each one includes a combo of our existing products as well as our new styling products. There’s a “Balance-Style System“, a “Balance-Polish System“, a “Volume-Body System“, and a “Volume-Tame System“. THERE IS LITERALLY NOW SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE’S HAIR!!!!! If you have questions Contact me ASAP!

Contact Me for questions or more information about MONAT products.

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Click Here to see MORE Before/After Photos

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