Two New Shampoos!

irt-champ-picThe MONAT hair product line keeps growing and getting more exciting with two BRAND NEW shampoo options!

Intense Repair Treatment Shampoo

First of all, we have a Brand New Shampoo called “Intense Repair Treatment” and I just tried mine for the first time yesterday!  Just when I thought our products couldn’t get better, MONAT comes out with this little piece of heaven!  It has a pearly consistency (as opposed to creamy like our other shampoos) and provides more lather and rinses out easier.  My hair dried so shiny and soft!  I’ve decided it’s my new “go-to” shampoo in our line.

The “Intense Repair Treatment” shampoo offers the same increased level of Capixyl that the Men’s 2-in-1 Shampoo/Conditioner does (this is the main ingredient in our products that promotes hair growth) but has more of a unisex appeal to it.  It has a wonderful rosemary-mint scent and is the perfect answer for those women experiencing higher-than-normal or advanced-stage hair loss but were hesitant to use a men’s shampoo.  Some ladies love the men’s shampoo but others appreciate that we now have something designed for either men or women.  So it’s a personal choice really.

This shampoo pairs perfectly with our two wonderful MONAT conditioners AND for those that need something a little more aggressive when it comes to getting some lost hair back, it’s part of the new “Let It Grow” System (includes the new Intense Repair Shampoo and the Intense Repair Spray).  Just like our “Classic Confidence” System, it packs a “ONE-TWO” punch for those looking to get some serious hair growth happening.

“Champ” Conditioning Dry Shampoo

My customers have been asking me when we would come out with a dry shampoo almost since MONAT opened their doors and NOW IT’S HAPPENED!  It’s very different than other dry shampoos on the market because, like all our products, it contains all natural/plant-based safe ingredients and it doesn’t clog the follicles or dry out the hair (it contains our unique, proprietary Rejuveniqe Oil blend).  “Champ”Conditioning Dry Shampoo takes care of that dirty, oily second or third-day hair that we sometimes have to deal with when we just don’t have time to shampoo and style (we all have those days sometimes).  And, like all of our other products, it’s also a hair treatment.  Not just another product but something that is actually nurturing, restoring and improving the hair every time it’s used.

If you’d like to try one or both of these fabulous new shampoos, contact me and I can tell you the best way to get them and save the most money.  Here’s to healthy, beautiful, strong hair! Go MONAT!  You have outdone yourself this time 🙂

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