The “Champ” Conditioning Dry Shampoo

dry-shampoo-picI have never been so excited to write a personal testimonial about one of our products!  This is so crazy good!!!!

Never, ever before has my Day 3 hair looked as good as my Day 1 freshly washed and styled hair!

Before I ever discovered MONAT, I had to wash and blow-dry my hair every day so it didn’t look limp, thin and lifeless.

Since getting my hair back to healthy (or should I say better than it’s EVER been) with our awesome products, so many things have changed for the better. I got to the point where I could wash my hair every other day which for me was a major breakthrough. But NOW this newest product takes it to a whole new level!

Our new “Champ” Conditioning Dry Shampoo is going to be my new best friend! What a major time-saver for those Day 3’s when I don’t really have the time for a full wash, condition, dry and style! The spray-in “Champ” dry shampoo freshens (smells so good), conditions, absorbs oil and puts lots of volume into my roots. This proprietary blend is non pore-clogging (which is of major importance – clogged pores lead to hair loss), boosts natural hair growth and shields against sun exposure. This is perfect for busy people and also great to put in your gym bag to use after workouts! MONAT you have outdone yourself this time!  You just keep raising the level of Excellence with this product line 🙂

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