MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN!  When “Eye Wonder” came out a few months ago, I thought MONAT wouldn’t ever be able to top that but what was I thinking?  They always do!  Our brand new product is called Rejuvabeads and it’s the world’s first REAL-DEAL split-end repair product!  We have patent-pending technology on this product and it 100% heals split ends (unlike other products that temporarily glue split ends together).

It was unveiled yesterday and I was sitting next to a hair stylist on my team and she told me that I don’t even really understand how important this is to the hair industry!  She says there’s nothing else on the market like this and I believe her because she knows hair (she’s been a hair professional for decades)!

This new technology not only repairs split ends (pulling them together like magnets) but also targets any other micro-damaged or stressed areas along the hair shaft after one use, leaving hair silky smooth, polished and protected from further damage.  Repeated use leads to stronger, healthier, more flexible and resilient hair and prevents future breakage and uneven splits, without creating build-up, oiliness or heaviness.  REJUVABEADS also helps improve color and is safe for chemically treated hair and extensions.

Pre-orders are available for VIP customers through tomorrow (deadline is Monday night midnight eastern standard time) if supplies last that long.  Shipping is May 15th!  For those who don’t get in on this pre-order offer, the next time Rejuvabeads will be available will be in June.  So don’t wait!  Contact Me if you have questions.

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