2018 Here We Come in a New Cadillac!

To say that 2018 started out with a bang is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year!  I picked up my new Cadillac a few weeks ago and two days later, I was heading to San Francisco for MONAT’s Leadership Summit (trip paid for my Monat)!  My head is still spinning.

When your company pays for a beautiful new car to reward you for helping others and working hard, it just doesn’t get any better than that! And you get to go on all expenses paid trips too!  How can this possibly be my life? WOW and thank you Monat!

Last year was so incredibly wonderful and this year and is going to be even better! I am one blessed and grateful person.

I’m looking to help others as well.  If you need healthier hair or healthier finances, let me know! I’m on the journey of a lifetime and I’d love to take you with me!

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