Back from Beautiful Bermuda

I just spent this past week cruising to Bermuda!!  I kept thinking “pinch me” because many times during this trip, it felt like a dream because my company, MONAT, paid for this trip so I could go enjoy myself and relax, renew and regenerate.  And some ladies on my team earned the trip too so we had a blast getting to know each other better.

What an honor to be rewarded like this for my hard work and for helping others succeed!  Can I just say WOW?

This has been an experience like no other. I knew I was with a kind, generous, heart-based company but they really out-did themselves for us on this trip. They don’t have to send us on these trips and other rewards they give us, but they want us to feel appreciated for our hard work and WOW do they ever!!!!  Never ever have I been with a company that goes so above and beyond (and then some).

I’m home now and ready to get busy! I don’t ever want to miss any upcoming trips. The friendships I’ve made, the people I’ve learned from and the leaders that I’ve watched and desired to emulate are very very important to me and I will show my appreciation and gratitude for the MONAT family who runs this incredible life-changing company by continuing to spread the word and work hard to make their vision come true. Thank you MONAT!! Much respect and much Love ❤

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