Great Hair Takes Commitment

We live in the “instant gratification” age and want everything to happen for us right now (if not sooner). Many traditional hair products, when you first switch to them, seem to make the hair better for awhile (until they seem to stop working) and then we feel like we need to try something else. I used to think that’s just the way it was and that’s exactly what I did. I went from product line to product line.

What those products actually do is coat the hair which seems to be doing something for awhile but it’s only a temporary fix. Believe it or not, we have years of buildup in our follicles and in our hair from doing exactly this! But over time, this takes a toll on our follicles, our scalp and our hair strands. We are basically smothering and clogging and this can lead to unhealthy, dormant follicles and sad-looking, dry, damaged, and dull hair (not to mention hair loss).

This is where Monat is DIFFERENT! Our anti-aging 90-day treatment products UNDO all this past activity and begin removing all that yucky buildup! The hair follicles get cleaned out so they can absorb all the incredible nutrients our products have and this begins a process of nurturing them back to health so they can begin producing stronger, healthier hair strands! Once the buildup is removed from our existing hair strands, they can now absorb the nutrients too which is why the longer you use our products, the better the hair gets!

You’ll begin to see healthy shine, bounciness, easier styling, and not having to wash as often. So when I say we aren’t just another shampoo line, that’s what I mean! It’s really exciting when you think about it. Safe, botanically-based, non-toxic products that actually do something wonderful for your hair and scalp (and not just temporarily)!

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