About Me

Hi there! My name is Paula and I live in beautiful, sunny Southern California surrounded by my amazing family which is the next most important thing to me after my faith in God. I’ve been here for almost 30 years.

I love being an entrepreneur and I love Network Marketing.  I worked in Corporate America for 25+ years and while it served its purpose for me at the time, I always knew I wanted to do something else. Something where I had more control over my time and that could give me the flexibility I didn’t have with the 9-5 grind. AND something where I could feel like I was making a difference in the lives of others!

I joined my first Network Marketing Company in the late 90’s when my children were grown and out beginning their new independent lives.  I felt a void (and a little bit of sadness) when they moved out and although I was still working full-time, I needed something else to occupy my time and keep my mind busy. I really didn’t know what Network Marketing was at the time. I just attended a home party with some girlfriends, purchased some products and I was hooked! I saw how much fun the company representative was having and she was making some pretty impressive money to boot.  I decided I would jump in and give it a try and the rest is history.

I eventually quit my Corporate job and did Network Marketing Full-Time!

Because of Network Marketing I was able to purchase my own home which I’d never been able to do before. I got a brand new car, got completely out of debt and was even able to start saving and investing money.  It truly was life-changing!

Over the years, the more I learned about the exciting industry of Network Marketing, the more I became someone who kept my eyes open for a company with the type of opportunity that doesn’t come around very often and, after being introduced to and doing some thorough research on, I decided to join MONAT Global. I liked the fact that no other Network Marketing Company was focusing on a safe, natural, anti-aging hair treatment system of products. I LOVED the idea of sharing a completely new and important concept to the hair product market (which is a $40 billion industry on track to becoming a $59 billion industry in the next 5 years).  I liked that there was a LOT of room for growth and I knew that meant a LOT of momentum for anyone who decided to get involved. And GET INVOLVED is exactly what I did!!!

I finally feel like I’ve found that “right place at the right time” business!  With MONAT, I’ve earned trips, qualified for a new “MONAT-paid-for” Cadillac and an upcoming cruise to Bermuda!  I can’t believe I get paid to have so much fun and for helping others have healthier hair and healthier finances! It feels really good to make a positive impact in the lives of others.

MONAT has been a Powerful Force in the Network Marketing Industry, as well as the Hair Product Industry (two very powerful industries that aren’t going anywhere except UP)! Positioning in a company is important and I like the idea of being one of the FIRST! I personally know quite a few founding members of other network marketing companies and many of them are financially set for the rest of their lives or at least are doing very well! There are no guarantees of course but I don’t mind hard work and I like the idea, as well as the challenges, of building from the ground floor!

Who doesn’t want their hair to look healthier and more youthful? Hair is IMPORTANT to people! These products for men and women are naturally-based, non-toxic, healthy, and cruelty-free! I get to be a “product of the product” and walk around everywhere I go displaying positive results on my own hair.

If you’re business-minded and would like to join me, MONAT is still at its roots and the sooner you get in the better!  In 2018, we will be growing to a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY (in only year 4 of being in business)!  There are so many people out there searching for that “right place at the right time” opportunity and this just might be the one that makes sense to them.  Be one of the FIRST and introduce it to them!

We are changing lives at MONATContact me ASAP to get more information.


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