One Year Later

my before and after picsWhat a difference a year with MONAT makes! The first photo just popped up today on my Facebook memories from one year ago. I’ve never been able to get this kind of length! I was always a short-hair girl because my hair just didn’t grow much and if it did, it broke off because it was so brittle, dry and unhealthy (I’m sure all the bleaching and coloring I did wasn’t helpful either). Not only does my hair actually grow now, but it’s SO MUCH healthier and stronger than before (and I haven’t stopped coloring and bleaching it).

Now I can run my brush through it and NOT hear it snap off! I love being a walking testimonial for this incredible and important product line. If you’re ready to start your journey to healthier, stronger, shinier hair, CONTACT ME.

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What is DHT?

psoriasis picMONAT QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is DHT and why does it cause hair loss?

DHT, whose scientific name is dihydrotestosterone, is the product of a natural reaction that occurs in the body from things like aging, stress, hormonal changes, and genetics. In the scalp, an enzyme known as alpha 5 reductase is produced. An over-abundance of testosterone reacts with the enzyme and begins to create DHT. This byproduct then reacts with the hair follicles, shrinking, clogging and causing them to become thinner until eventually, they suffocate. Thank goodness for MONAT’s active ingredient Capixyl. It counteracts the formation of DHT, allowing the follicle to breathe once again, and the hair to grow longer, fuller, stronger, younger-looking, naturally!

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Hair Myth Busters

myth picWe hear all sorts of crazy ideas and recommendations on how to treat, style, wear, and care for our hair. In the end, it’s hard to discern what’s false from what’s true. Well, scientists, doctors, and hair care experts have set the record straight, revealing the reality behind the most common hair myths out there.

Here are our top “Hair Myth” picks:

Myth: The more you brush your hair, the more it will grow.

Reality: Brushing your hair frequently does not stimulate blood flow to your scalp and does not distribute your natural oils, as you might have heard; nor will it add shine or boost hair growth. Brushing can actually cause cuticle damage, breakage, and frizz because of the friction. To prevent this, use a wide-toothed comb or a paddle brush with ball-tipped, plastic bristles.

Myth: Rinsing your hair with cold water makes it shinier.

Reality: Hair contains no living cells, so it doesn’t really react to cold -or hot- water. What makes hair shinier, softer, fuller or more manageable is actually the state of the scalp and hair and the quality of the products you use. Experts recommend using hair care products containing oils, for example, to close and smooth the cuticle of your hair. Thank goodness MONAT products are infused with REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive!

Myth: The less you shampoo, the oilier your hair will be.

Reality: Generally, genes and hormones determine the amount of oil your sebaceous glands will produce, no matter how often you wash your hair. However, washing your hair excessively may cause it to compensate lost oils with an increase in oil production. On the other hand –and as with all extremes- not washing your hair regularly will cause dirt and oil to accumulate on your scalp and hair follicles, which could in turn cause inflammation and irritation that might halt hair growth.

Myth: Using the same shampoo always will reduce its effectiveness.

Reality: If you are using the right hair care products for your scalp and hair type, there’s no need to switch. MONAT Treatment Systems, for example, are specially formulated to actually improve the condition of your scalp and hair the more you use them!

Myth: Trimming your hair frequently helps your hair grow faster.

Reality: The state of your hair follicles and scalp is one of the factors that affects its growth process; how often you cut the ends of your hair is not! Whether you trim it or not, hair grows an average of a quarter-inch monthly. However, if you want to reduce hair breakage and split ends (which makes your hair look thinner and even shorter), do get regular trims with a professional stylist.

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Monat is pH Balanced

ph level imageI was recently asked what the pH level of MONAT products is so I thought I’d do a short post to let everyone know that our products have a pH level between 5 and 6. The pH level of human hair is between 4.5 and 5.5.  Many products can disrupt the natural pH of the hair, but MONAT products are made to be closely aligned to your hair’s natural pH level.

Why is This Important?

If you took a chemistry class in school, you’re probably familiar with pH (potential Hydrogen) levels. You’ve probably never thought about it, but pH levels are very important when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. If you wish to keep your color vibrant, boost the shine and retain overall health of your hair, it’s imperative to know how pH levels in shampoo and other hair products play a part in the overall process.

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14 with 7 being “neutral”. The lower numbers are considered more acidic and the higher numbers are alkaline. The amount of hydrogen in a solution determines whether it is more acidic or alkaline. The higher the pH level the harder the shampoo is on your hair. The best pH level for shampoo is between 5 and 7.

Your hair contains cuticles which are tiny shafts made up of scales. Water and alkaline-based hair products cause these scales to open, exposing the interior of your hair shafts. Ideally, you want to close this cuticle to protect it from harmful, damaging elements. Using a slightly acidic shampoo closes the cuticle and helps the hair shaft retain important moisture.

When you dye your hair, the coloring products open up the cuticle so the color absorbs completely into the cortex (the interior of the hair shaft). To help prevent the hair from drying out, your scalp naturally produces oil with a slightly acidic pH in an effort to close the hair shafts. However, frequent coloring can result in your scalp producing too much oil, which will cause your hair to become greasy. A pH-balanced shampoo not only helps keep cuticles closed but prevents the scalp from producing too much oil after chemically-treating your hair.

But even if you don’t color your hair, pH-balancing shampoos are crucial. If you have a naturally oily scalp, dry brittle ends or thin hair – pH-balanced shampoos can help reverse damage and give you the healthy hair you desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Monat


We get some great questions about our products so I thought it would be helpful to share a few of the most common ones.

Q:  Are your products non-comedogenic?

A:  Yes, our products are non-comedogenic which means that there are no pore-clogging ingredients that will cause the hair follicles to to shrink.  In fact, our products are designed to unclog and enlarge follicles which in turn allows for better absorption of active ingredients that wake up hair growth.

Q: Are your products hypoallergenic?

A: We formulate our products without common allergens.

Q:  Are MONAT’s products tested on animals?

A:  MONAT does not conduct animal testing of any sort.  We test on people, not cute little critters.

Q:  Are MONAT’s products safe for pregnant women?

A: The ingredients in MONAT products are generally safe for pregnant women, but if she has concerns, she should talk to her OB/GYN or midwife about any ingredients that he/she thinks should be specifically avoided during pregnancy.

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Why MONAT Products are Top-Quality

monat-test-tubesMONAT products really are different than anything on the market today. They are made with the highest of standards. Here are 5 distinct qualities that set our products apart:

1.  MONAT uses only R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) USP Pharmacopeia grade water as the base for all of the products. Sixty to eighty percent of most body care products are water. Using R.O. water assures that the products do not contain contaminants. These contaminants include heavy metals, pesticides and other things found in our water today. By using R.O. water, MONAT is able to use minimal amounts of preservatives to maintain the integrity of the products.

R.O. water acts as a sponge. It contains empty water molecules looking for something to absorb. These molecules absorb the botanical extracts and vitamins that we add in the manufacturing process, which also provides consistency and superior texture.

2.  MONAT products are produced using the highest quality food and pharmaceutical grade botanical extracts, essential oils, vitamins and minerals. We do not use industrial grade vitamins that are found in most body care products on the market today.

3.  Small batch manufacturing assures that the products are consistent.

4.  The products are never boiled. This assures that the natural, health giving vitamins and botanical extracts, will not lose their nutrient values. Most cosmetics are manufactured in large steam pressurization vats that boil the products at high temperatures, which causes them to turn to a liquid or cream state. This is equivalent to boiling your vegetables too long, taking away all of their nutrient values.

5.  Our products are manufactured avoiding the use of heavy chemicals. These ingredients often lead to unwanted skin conditions.

It is the goal of MONAT to always provide products that are as close to natural as possible.  Product integrity and consumer safety will always be the guiding factor in ingredient choices.

MONAT follows three principle rules when determining ingredients that will be used:

  • We will consult with multiple leading industry laboratories for input and evaluation as to what ingredients will provide the best results.
  • We will only use ingredients that are accepted by the FDA and those that are recognized by the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rule.
  • We also use the USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) standards for ingredient determination.

It is our commitment at MONAT to always research and identify ingredients that will provide health, product integrity and consumer satisfaction.

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MONAT Men’s System

man's-line-collageI wanted to give a shout-out to and wish all the dads out there a Happy Father’s Day! Thank you for all you do to love, protect and provide for your children. You are making a huge difference to the next generation!

I also want to talk a little bit about our MONAT Men’s System line of products. Did you know that that these products help with a multitude of things like:

–  Stimulates circulation

– Improves hair texture, appearance and manageability

– Preserves natural coloring

– Hydrates and plumps the hair shaft

– Increases follicle size which increases growth

– Helps slow the hair’s aging process

– Fights premature hair loss!

Our anti-aging products are all plant-based, safe (contain no toxic chemicals), are full of active botanicals that nurture your hair follicles with vitamins, minerals and amino acids (which lead to healthier, younger-looking hair and many times some regrowth too). Contact Me today if you have any questions. If you’re ready to give MONAT a try, Click Here to place your order!

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The Science Behind Monat

science-monatMONAT’s products deliver their naturally-based ingredients exactly where they’re needed the most.  They work in harmony with each other to promote scalp and hair shaft health, and unlike other brands, the more you use the products, the more your hair responds.

All of our products are infused with Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive, which is MONAT’s proprietary formula of rare oils, scientifically combined with powerful active botanical ingredients clinically proven to deliver instant as well as long-term age prevention results.  In addition, three main ingredients play an important part in the MONAT scientific equation.  They are:

Capixyl (Red Clover Extract) – helps reduce scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair while stimulating natural growth.

Procataline (Pea Extract) – helps maintain healthy levels of antioxidants in follicles to combat premature thinning while protecting color and shine.

Crodasorb – UV absorber that helps protect hair from sun damage while preserving natural color.

MONAT’s Clinically Proven Results Include:

48% decrease in DHT (hormone) that contributes to hair loss
58% decrease in fiber breakage
55% decrease in breakage and brittleness
46% increase in hair growth
35% increase in hair follicle strength
70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
76% increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
88% increased manageability
100% increase in natural shine

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June Product of the Month

intense-repairDo you have thinning hair? Know of someone who does? As an intense daily leave-in treatment, our Product of the Month, MONAT Intense Repair Treatment, is in our Men’s Line but many women who are experiencing hair loss are having amazing results with it too!

Intense Repair Treatment has the most concentrated amount of Capixyl, which is the ingredient in our products that helps stimulate the scalp, boosts hair growth, and strengthens the follicle anchoring system.

MONAT products are botanically-based and contain no harmful chemicals, no phthlates or parabens and are free from PEG, DEA/MEA, harmful colors or fragrances. They’re also cruelty-free and made in the U.S.A.

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Hair Loss 101 – What Every Man Should Know

vip-manNobody wants to go bald which is why the hair loss industry and hair replacement product business is estimated to exceed $1.2 billion dollars this year!

Did you know that half of a man’s head of hair will be gone before it becomes cosmetically visible? How unfair is that?

But hair loss, even male pattern baldness, is typically too gradual to cause panic right away.  The fact that most guys aren’t noticing hair loss until it’s half gone should motivate them to get ahead of the game and assess what they had and what they’ve got, and determine if action is necessary now, while they still have plenty of it to work with.

MONAT is men’s hair loss prevention at its finest! Our Men’s 2+1 Shampoo/Conditioner Combo helps to provide the scalp with active botanicals that strengthen the hair anchoring system and keep the follicles open, enlarged, healthy and growing.

In addition, our Intense Repair Treatment contains the highest amount of the active ingredient Capixyl, which stimulates the process without the harsh chemicals and side effects that other products like Rogaine and Minoxidil produce.

Instead of waiting until you see advanced hair loss, why not take a proactive approach to your hair care and keep it from happening in the first place?

CONTACT ME if you’re interested in trying out our Men’s Treatment System (there’s a 30-day money-back guaranty) and need more info.  If you’re ready to get it now and begin fighting off future hair loss, CLICK HERE to shop online! There are two different options.  You can purchase the products at retail pricing or you can sign up to be a VIP Customer and save money on your products (as well as get FREE shipping) and also get other perks too!  If you have any questions at all, CONTACT ME here!

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