Which Products Should YOU Use?

pic-for-new-page-on-websiteAre you ready to give MONAT a try but not sure where to begin and which products to choose for your particular hair type, challenges and goals?

I can help.  MONAT products are treatment systems.  They aren’t just nice shampoos and conditioners that coat the hair to make it look and feel better temporarily.

We recommend a minimum of 90 days’ use to let MONAT products do their detoxing, follicle-cleaning and unblocking, nurturing, healing and restoring magic.

I just need to get some information about your hair.  The more you can tell me, the better I can put together a personalized 90-day treatment plan for you to get the best possible results.  I’ll provide you with the products you should use and the pricing for them as well.

Please answer these questions as thoroughly as possible.  This information is 100% confidential.  It won’t be posted to my website.  I’m the only one who will be seeing it.